Re-usable bottle with a touch of nostalgia

Lerum is a more than 100 year old Norwegian manufacturer of juice concentrate (to be mixed 1:4 with water) and jam. In this project  group assignment, the client  Lerum AS asked for fresh ideas and a traditional yet modern design on their large bottles of juice concentrate. The challenge was to make a differentiating bottle with parts from the existing design profile at the same time. Since Lerum has a full bottling facility, we had to work on bottles that could be injection blow molded.

Their existing bottles today are characterized as very generic, therefore we wanted to add a touch of nostalgia along with elements from nature. Since Lerum use the same bottles for different kinds of juice concentrate, we wanted to avoid typical “fruit-shapes” in the bottle design, and rather focus on leaves and branches to give associations to nature. The result is a slimmer and more elegant shape with good balance and that fits well in

hands of all sizes. The cap is made larger than usual which makes it easier to open for people with reduced strength, or when juice concentrate has dried up between the cap and bottle. Its neck and curvature below it makes it easy to pour from the bottle without spilling. A branch with leaves is added around the upper part of the bottle to strengthen the plastic, and here are also added stylized leaf-elements as a decoration in the bottom of the bottle to add strength.

The labels weren’t part of the assignment, but we made different graphic design samples. We landed on a simple white logo (screen print) and a narrow silver band (regular plastic label), which gave a nice blend of tradition and Lerums current design profile.


Design Team: Stine Madelen Kristoffersen, Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen, Sven Håkon Voldum and André Rodrigo Solberg-Reyes, Spring 2011