Playing chess in a future world 

Futura is a new chess set for kids aged from 5 to 10 years. Compared to typical chess sets, it is designed to give a more intuitive understanding of the different piece’s role and properties in the game, which makes it easier and more fun to play with. The given theme for our project was “Futuristic”, and we landed on a design inspired by a space world. The main challenge in this project was to make each set with a

total production cost of less than 1,5 euro produced by injection molding. This entailed that the material and molding tools cost had to be held on a minimum, which also gave certain design challenges. With a goal of producing 500.000 sets and close guidance from an experienced toolmaker, we managed to limit the production cost to 1.2 euro per set.

Design Team: Stine Madelen Kristoffersen, Nils Øyvind Hartveit , Astrid Langnes and Daniel Jackson, Spring 2011