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High level business conference

Business Week (NLD, Næringslivsdagene 2008) is the largest professionally oriented event hosted by the Student Union at BI Norwegian Business School (SBIO). The project is directed annually by SBIO and aims to inspire and increase knowledge about what the Norwegian business sector has to offer.

The Board 2008 invited in total 14 leading Norwegian business executives to speak for the students. The event achieved record attendance from both students and businesses, and several of the speakers ensured national press coverage.

The Board consisted of seven members and managed a crew of more than 30 students. The project lasted for 6 months.

Stine Madelen was Head of Program Magazine and Design in Business Week 2008. She was in charge of developing of a new visual profile, marketing and exhibition materials, in addition to editor-in-chief for the program magazine (Copies: 4000).

Business Week 2008: PROGRAM MAGAZINE

The speakers were among others Bård Eker; entrepreneur, industrial designer and businessman, Kjetil T. Thorsen; Co-founder of the architecture firm Snøhetta, Stein Erik Hagen; businessman and Chairman of the Board of Orkla, Olav Nils Sunde; shipowner and investor, Bjørn Kjos; the largest owner and CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Jan Grønbech; Country Director Google Norway.

Website: nldoslo.no

Board Members / Project Team: Stine Madelen Kristoffersen, Jeanette Pjaaka Hauge, Torbjørn E. Aamodt, Ingrid Ødegård, Kristin Berg, Jørgen Brynildsen.